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Billy Hurst was born and raised in Grafton, IL, a small town where two rivers meet. Just like the merging of the Mississippi and the Illinois rivers, Billy's music has a very strong current. The songs are deeply personal, but at the same time easily identifiable as experiences most everyone has had. To put it bluntly, this man’s songs will tear your heart out, adjust your attitude, leave you feeling energized, satisfied, and just plain ol' good.

  Few singer/songwriters posses the heart and soul that Billy does. He owes much of this to his influences, which range from the southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the crooning of Keith Whitley, Garth Brooks, and Randy Travis. Don't forget the gritty, outlaw attitude of Steve Earle, Travis Tritt, and Hank Williams, Jr. Billy isn't afraid to get right to the heart of the matter, dealing with personal issues such as falling in and out of love, Harley's, whiskey, and the peace of mind that comes from being at one with the great outdoors.

  All of this, combined with Billy's down to earth, good ol' boy attitude, make it hard not to root for him. It’s only a matter of time before people stand up and take notice to Billy’s talents. Because after all, every song tells a story, every story has a message, and every message speaks straight to the heart.